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Who We Are

Led by Lisa Selip, Chief Cultivator, Harvest Agency exists for the sole purpose of helping small business owners achieve their goals. It is that simple, and it is that challenging.

Growing your business. Building your brand. Developing and executing sound strategies. Communicating with your target audiences. Supporting your sales efforts. These are no small tasks. And we help you accomplish them through a customized and integrated approach to business.


Our skill is delivering the right mix of services to maximize your potential and achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. The approach we tailor together will be uniquely yours and drawn from our comprehensive service offering that include:

Message from Lisa

As a small business owner myself, I know you are passionate about what you do but can find yourself stretch too thin by the demands of the business, challenged by the competition or uncertain on how to grow your business and profit margins. I would welcome the opportunity to work alongside you and share my experience to help your company be more efficient, fluid and profitable.

What Our Clients Say

It is always a pleasure working with Lisa at The Harvest Agency.  The Harvest Agency has taken the stress out of many of the required tasks that are relevant to the business; allowing me the time to focus where needed. They are professional and their commitment to quality is unsurpassed. I know that they will get done quickly, send me a sample for review and just like that – it’s done. Thank you Lisa!

Jennifer Sarette, EE WILSON

I needed help assessing the direction the company should be going and how to get there and Lisa was the key. She examined our financials and expenses and helped identify and stop the leaks; filtered ad requests and made appropriate media buys; canceled advertising that wasn’t working; created ad campaigns and designed, created and purchased marketing materials; oversaw the design and build of two new websites, creating much of the in-house graphics and content when I could not; handled all of our social media; helped create commission structures to incentivize our sales force; analyzed and advised with personnel problems; and was simply “there” for me  with a listening ear and sage advice. In short, she treated me like I was her “biggest” client, always doing what she said she would do, expeditiously and professionally. My company would not be where it is today without Lisa’s help and experience.


Lisa teamed up with me and building my firm from its first day with helping me build a brand and marketing the practice to the community. Since the start up, Lisa has evolved into a strategic partner mindful of where we want to take the firm into the future.

Bailey Liipfert, III, ATTORNEY

Connect With Us

Our relationships make us who we are. Which is why we protect, nurture and grow every one. Even those we don’t initiate. Let us know how we can help you grow your business!