Lisa Selip – Chief Cultivator

Lisa_SelipLisa has as big a heart as she does a brain, both of which she applied generously as president of children’s media company Mighty Kids Media before forming Harvest Agency. A passionate marketer and true people person, Lisa can quickly unearth the potential of a concept, product or organization through her unique blend of intuition and experience. A positive and genuine person, Lisa works with individuals and teams to nurture, develop and grow their businesses with the inevitable result of building lifelong friendships in the process.

Her well-rounded career has exposed her to all aspects of business and marketing, including: loss prevention, purchasing, licensing, e-commerce, instructional design, human resources, training, consumer loyalty, merchandising, product launch, program development, distribution, operations, logistics and marketing.

What Makes Lisa, Lisa:

  • Great listener
  • Believes in people
  • Knows business, loves ideas

What You Might Not Know:

Lisa is also a certified budget counselor, which makes complete sense considering she studied sociology and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and earned her degree in business with a marketing concentration (we said she was well-rounded). When she isn’t spending time with family and friends, you’ll find Lisa volunteering, cycling, enjoying the outdoors and exploring hidden treasures in people and places throughout the world.

Be Sure To Ask Lisa About :

How she and her husband plan the vacations they take with another couple. It has all the makings of an adventure travel show.

Beth Talley – Digital Specialist

bethNot only does Beth know how to connect all the marketing dots, she knows how to connect programs to people using digital media. As our digital media specialist, she’s fluent in using social media, email marketing and special promotions to foster relationships while helping businesses grow sales.

Beth’s techno-know-how is balanced by the business sensibilities she honed at East Carolina University (BSBA, Marketing) and as business manager of Mighty Kids Media, where she helped manage daily operations.

What Makes Beth, Beth:

  • She’s a champion multi-tasker
  • Weighs both sides of every coin
  • Lives for laughing

What You Might Not Know:

Even though digital is her work, she lives a pretty analog life enjoying board games, Zumba and reading sci-fi fantasy. Go figure.

Be Sure To Ask Beth About:

Anything. Seriously, she Charlotte’s reigning trivia champ and if you can stump her, we’ll name our conference room after you.

Andrea Everhart – Writer and Social Media Specialist

BloggerImageWith over twenty years of experience in all sorts of genres, Andrea can tailor her writing style to fit any platform. As our writer and social media specialist, she can quickly recognize a client’s need and develop the appropriate ‘voice’ to communicate with customers.

Andrea’s communications background began at North Carolina State University where she majored in Mass Communications and minored in English. She honed her skills further first in video and film production and continued her career in writing.   Her clients include the Coast Guard, Lowes Foods, Piedmont Parent Magazine, FlipKey, United Way…it’s a long list. Safe to say, she’s flexible!

What Makes Andrea, Andrea:

  • She’s very intuitive and connects easily with others
  • Has a natural curiosity
  • Loves family game night

What You Might Not Know:

Although her favorite thing to do is read (not shocking), it’s not remotely relaxing to her because she spends the entire time editing the book in her head.

Be Sure To Ask Andrea About:

Her money saving prowess. With a family of five to feed, she’s always on the lookout for a great deal and loves to share her tips.