Harvest Agency Expands Services

Effective August 1, 2013 Harvest Agency will expand its service offering to include print sourcing services.

“We quickly realized the need to provide our clients with printing services”, said Harvest Agency Chief Cultivator Lisa Selip.

“It seems logical that we continue to support our customers and complete the process by managing the printing for the design work we produce. By doing so, we eliminate the need of our customers to manage an additional vendor relationship.”

The company also works with clients to determine the best production materials and substrates, manages the RFP process, evaluates quotes and manages the production and schedule for clients who handle their creative internally or with an agency that doesn’t provide print sourcing.

“The real benefit to our clients is total transparency. Our fee structure for print sourcing is cost plus 5% for jobs that we have designed,” shares Selip. “Clients that do their design work in-house or with another agency, our fee structure is cost plus 10%, which is still very attractive.”