The Harvest Agency exists for the sole purpose of helping our clients achieve their goals. It is that simple, and it is that challenging.

Growing your business. Building your brand in the B2B or B2C space. Developing and executing sound strategies. Communicating with your target audiences. Supporting your sales efforts. These are no small tasks. And we help you accomplish them through a customized and integrated approach to marketing that may include strategic planning, market research, creative design and development, proactive public relations, targeted media planning and more.

Our skill is delivering the right mix of services to maximize your potential and achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. The approach we tailor together will be uniquely yours and drawn from our comprehensive service offering that includes:

Consumer Research & Insights
Consumer Voice Sessions
Online Bulletin Boards
In-Home & At-Work Studies
Qualitative Surveys
Phone Interviews
Shopping Basket Studies
Strategic Planning
Discovery Sessions
Marketing and MARCOM Plans
Media & PR Planning
New Product Launch
Lead Generation
Brand Development
Positioning Strategy
Creative Platform
Tagline Generation
Logo Design
Identity Systems
Program Development
B2B Advertising
B2C Advertising
Media Services
Media Planning
Media Buying & Negotiation
Public Relations Strategy & Execution
Media Kits
Press Kits

Digital & Social Engagement
Interactive Planning/Strategy
Website Development
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Planning, Optimization & Management
Interactive Media Development
Creative Development & Production
Graphic Design & Copywriting
Direct Marketing
POS and Merchandising
Print, Radio and Television
Video Production
Trade & Channel
Trade Story and Presentations
Shopper Marketing Plans
Data Mining and Loyalty Card
Account Management
Inbound Marketing
Sales Support
Promotions Planning & Design
Specialized Services
Business Plans
Marketing Plans
Public Relations Plans
Business Development
Brand/Style Guides